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NACP Interim Synthesis Activities

NACP Investigators have organized several interim synthesis activities to evaluate and intercompare models and observations at local and regional scales for the period 2000 - 2005. These activities are open to all investigators who have data or model results for North America.

Five interim synthesis activities are being conducted:

  1. Site-level Interim Synthesis
  2. Regional and Continental Interim Synthesis
  3. Mid-continent Intensive Interim Synthesis
  4. Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases
  5. Coastal Interim Synthesis

Participants (includes potential contributors)
Please send updates to Lisa Olsen

For more information on the background and status of interim synthesis activities, please refer to the following presentations:

  • 8th International Carbon Dioxide
    Conference - icdc8 (9/09)

  • AGU Session - NACP Interim Synthesis (12/2009)

  • AGU 2010 Interim Synthesis Presentations/Posters

    • NACP Synthesis: Evaluating Modeled Carbon State and Flux Variables Against Multiple Observational Constraints (Thornton et al.)

    • Comparing Simulated and Observed Gross Primary Productivity (Schaefer et al.)

    • North American Carbon Program (NACP) Interim Synthesis Project: Regional Forward Model Intercomparision (Post et al.)

    • North American Carbon Balance: Results from the Regional Synthesis Project of the North America Carbon Program (Post et al.)

    • Top-down Bottom-up Comparisons of the Mid-Continental Intensive (MCI) Region (Schuh et al.)

    • The Utility of Continuous Atmospheric Measurements for Identifying Biospheric CO2 Flux Variability (Huntzinger et al.)

    • Observed and Modeled Carbon and Energy Fluxes for Agricultural Sites under North American Carbon Program Site-level Interim Synthesis (Lokupitya et al.)

    • Evaluation of Site and Continental Terrestrial Carbon Cycle Simulations with North American Flux Tower Observations (Razka et al.)

    • Sensitivity of Modeled Carbon Pools and Fluxes to Biases in Reanalysis Meteorology Forcing Data (Ricciuto et al.)

    • Identifying the Timescales of Model Error: NACP Inter-comparison Wavelet Analysis (Dietz et al.)

    • Evaluation of Land Surface Model Representation of Phenology: An Analysis of Model Runs Submitted to the NACP Interim Site Synthesis (Richardson et al.)

    • Greenhouse Gas Fluxes Derived from Regional Measurement Networks and Atmospheric Inversions: Results from the MCI and INFLUX Experiments (Davis et al.)

MAST-DC is funded by NASA's Terrestrial Ecology Program (NASA Grant NNH10AN68I). This is a contribution of the North American Carbon Program.


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