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Mid-Continent Intensive Interim Synthesis

The objective of the MCI synthesis activity is to compile, diagnose and reconcile estimates of land-atmosphere carbon dioxide fluxes from atmospheric inversions and bottom-up inventories (both measurement and model based inventories, including process-based modeling). The interim synthesis is part of the larger ongoing MCI activity.

The five main foci for this activity include:

  1. Comparison of flux tower data in the MCI region (Shashi Verma - leader)

  2. Full accounting of an agricultural carbon budget in the MCI region (Tris West - leader)

  3. Synthesis of data assimilation results for the MCI region (Ken Davis and Yiqi Lou - leaders)

  4. Initial comparisons of MCI bottom-up regional flux estimates (Stephen Ogle - leader)

  5. Initial comparisons of high resolution atmospheric inversions with inventory-based regional flux estimates in the MCI region (Scott Denning and Stephen Ogle - leaders)
MCI Data:
  • Email Stephen Ogle
  • Other contacts include Scott Denning and Ken Davis


MAST-DC is funded by NASA's Terrestrial Ecology Program (NASA Grant NNH10AN68I). This is a contribution of the North American Carbon Program.


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