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Other Data Resources-FLUX Data

Aircraft Flux

Data Center Description Data Sets
NASA Terrestrial Ecology Program A collection of airborne remote sensing data sets to advance understanding of the carbon balance in North America. COBRA: CO2 Budget and Regional Airborne Study

Flux Tower

Data Center Description Data Sets
AmeriFlux: Long-term Flux Measurement Network of the Americas Continuous observations of ecosystem level exchanges of CO2, water, energy and momentum spanning diurnal, synoptic, seasonal, and interannual time scales from North American sites. AmeriFlux Network Data
Data Center Description Data Sets
FLUXNET: Integrated Worldwide CO2 Flux Measurements Eddy covariance measurements of CO2, water vapor, and energy exchanges between terrestrial ecosystem and atmosphere. FLUXNET Gap-Filled Flux File Interface
FLUXNET Long-Term Climate Data
FLUXNET Archived Flux Data Sets
FLUXNET Web Map Server
Data Center Description Data Sets
FLUXNET-Canada Flux and associated meteorological and ecological data from Canadian FLUXNET sites. FLUXNET Canada Data Portal
Data Center Description Data Sets
USDA Agricultural Research Service, Global Change National Program A network of 30 sites for measuring CO2 exchange in range, pasture and cropland sites and examining how management influences this exchange. AgriFlux / Rangeland Flux Network (data not available)
Greenhouse gas reduction through agricultural carbon enhancement network. GRACEnet (Greenhouse Gas Reduction Through Agricultural Carbon Enhancement Network)

Last updated: June 18, 2009

MAST-DC is funded by NASA's Terrestrial Ecology Program (NASA Grant NNH10AN68I). This is a contribution of the North American Carbon Program.


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