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Carbon Dioxide

Data Center Description Data Sets
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 and other radiatively active gases and related data sets. Fossil-Fuel CO2 Emissions
Trace Gas Emissions
Atmospheric Trace Gases, Carbon Isotopes, Radionuclides, and Aerosols
Carbon Cycle Data Sets
Terrestrial Carbon Management Data Sets and Analyses
Vegetation Response to CO2 and Climate
Atmospheric Measurements of Climate-Relevant Species
Data Center Description Data Sets
NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory, Research Aviation Facility Automated instrumentation output and diagnostics. Regional Atmospheric Continuous CO2 Network in the Rocky Mountains (Rocky RACCOON)
Data Center Description Data Sets
Purdue University, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Carbon Group Quantification and characterization of the global carbon cycle with emphasis on exchanges of CO2 with the terrestrial biosphere and the fossil fuel sources of CO2 to the atmosphere. Carbon Inverse Modeling (TransCom)
Climate Variability and Carbon
Data Center Description Data Sets
NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, Global Monitoring Division, Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases Group (CCGG) Spatial and temporal distributions of carbon-cycle gases based on measurements from land and sea surface sites and aircraft, and continuous measurements from baseline observatories and tall towers. Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Measurements
Interactive Atmospheric Data Visualization
Cooperative Air Sampling Network
Observatory Measurements
Tall Tower Measurements
Aircraft Measurements

Last updated: June 18, 2009

MAST-DC is funded by NASA's Terrestrial Ecology Program (NASA Grant NNH10AN68I). This is a contribution of the North American Carbon Program.


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