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NACP Site-Level Synthesis

Site List

The NACP site interim synthesis is collecting simulations for over 50
North American eddy covariance sites. For detailed site descriptions, see:
AmeriFlux site information and Fluxnet Canada

Notes (apply to: Priority 1, Priority 2 ,and Priority 3 Sites):

1Start-end years in the gap-filled weather data. Partial years (from flux data record)
  have been extended to complete years of surface weather data to simplify model
2Types assigned for convenience in this project, to identify combination of vegetation
  type and climate zone as an aid in site selection. These type names are not intended
  to match the IGBP classification assigned in other databases:

  CRO = crop, GRA = grassland, ENFB = Evergreen needleleaf forest (boreal),
  ENFT = evergreen needleleaf forest (temperate), DBF = deciduous broadleaf forest,
  MF = mixed (deciduous/evergreen) forest, WSA = woody savanna, SHR = shrubland,
  TUN = tundra, WET = wetland.

Priority 1 sites:

Primary sites with complete gap-filled forcing, flux, ancillary and biological data sets (36 sites). Sites in bold ("Top-Ten" list) were suggested as a starting point for modeling groups providing simulations for the Fall AGU meeting in December 2008.

Site Code Full Name Period of Record 1 State/Prov Type2
US-ARM ARM Southern Great Plains 2000-2006 OK CRO
US-Ne1 Mead Irrigated maize 2001-2006 NE CRO
US-Ne2 Mead Irrigated maize/soybean 2001-2006 NE CRO
US-Ne3 Mead Rainfed maize/soybean 2001-2006 NE CRO
US-IB1 Fermi Lab Maize/soybean rotation 2005-2007 IL CRO
CA-Let Lethbridge Grassland 1997-2006 AB GRA
US-Var Vaira Ranch 2001-2007 CA GRA
US-Shd Shidler 1997-2001 OK GRA
US-IB2 Fermi Lab Prairie 2004-2007 IL GRA
CA-Oas BERMS Old Aspen 1997-2006 SK DBF
US-Ha1 Harvard Forest EMS Tower 1991-2006 MA DBF
US-Dk2 Duke Forest Hardwood 2003-2005 NC DBF
US-UMB University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS) 1998-2006 MI DBF
US-MMS Morgan Monroe State Forest 1999-2006 IN DBF
US-WCr Willow Creek 1998-2006 WI DBF
US-MOz Missouri Ozark 2004-2007 MO DBF
CA-Man BOREAS Northern Study Area, Old Black Spruce 1994-2006 MB ENFB
CA-Obs BERMS Old Black Spruce 2000-2006 SK ENFB
CA-Ojp BERMS Old Jack Pine 2000-2006 SK ENFB
CA-Qfo Quebec Mature Black Spruce 2004-2006 QB ENFB
CA-Ca1 Campbell River Mature Douglas-fir 1998-2006 BC ENFT
US-Dk3 Duke Forest Loblolly Pine 1998-2005 NC ENFT
US-Ho1 Howland Forest Main Tower 1996-2004 ME ENFT
US-Me2 Metolius Intermediate-aged Ponderosa Pine 2002-2007 OR ENFT
US-NR1 Niwot Ridge 1998-2007 CO ENFT
CA-TP4 Turkey Point Mature 2002-2007 ON ENFT
US-PFa Park Falls / WLEF 1997-2005 WI MF
US-Syv Sylvania Wilderness Area 2001-2006 MI MF
CA-Gro Groundhog River Station 2004-2006 ON MF
US-Ton Tonzi Ranch 2001-2007 CA WSA
US-SO2 Sky Oaks Old 1998-2006 CA SHR
US-Brw Barrow 1998-2006 AK TUN
US-Atq Atqasuk 1999-2006 AK TUN
CA-Mer Eastern Peatland Mer Bleue 1999-2006 ON WET
US-Los Lost Creek 2000-2006 WI WET
CA-WP1 Western Peatland LaBiche River 2003-2007 AB WET

Priority 2 sites:

Secondary (chronosequence) sites with complete gap-filled forcing, flux ancillary and biological datasets (11 sites).

Site Code Full Name Period of Record 1 State/Prov Type2
CA-SJ1 BERMS Jack Pine, 1994 harvest 2002-2005 SK ENFB
CA-SJ2 BERMS Jack Pine, 2002 harvest 2003-2006 SK ENFB
CA_SJ3 BERMS Jack Pine, 1975 harvest 2004-2005 SK ENFB
CA-Ca2 Campbell River Douglas-fir clearcut 2001-2006 BC ENFT
CA-Ca3 Campbell River Douglas-fir juvenile 2002-2006 BC ENFT
US-Me3 Metolius Ponderosa Pine, young #2 2004-2005 OR ENFT
US-Me4 Metolius Ponderosa Pine, old-growth 1996-2000 OR ENFT
US-Me5 Metolius Ponderosa Pine, Young #1 1999-2002 OR ENFT
CA-TP1 Turkey Point Young 2003-2007 ON ENFT
CA-TP2 Turkey Point Seedling 2003-2007 ON ENFT
CA-TP3 Turkey Point Middle-aged 2003-2007 ON ENFT

Priority 3 sites:

Sites with gap-filled forcing and flux data that have incomplete ancillary and biological datasets (11 sites).

Site Code Full Name Period of Record 1 State/Prov Type2
US-Bo1 Bondville 1996-2006 IL CRO
US-FPe Fort Peck 2000-2007 MT GRA
CA-NS1 UCI Chronosequence 1850 burn 2001-2005 MB ENFB
CA-NS2 UCI Chronosequence 1930 burn 2001-2005 MB ENFB
CA-NS3 UCI Chronosequence 1964 burn 2001-2005 MB ENFB
CA-NS4 UCI Chronosequence 1964 burn (wet) 2001-2005 MB ENFB
CA-NS5 UCI Chronosequence 1981 burn 2001-2005 MB ENFB
CA-NS6 UCI Chronosequence 1989 burn 2001-2005 MB ENFB
CA-NS7 UCI Chronosequence 1998 burn 2001-2005 MB ENFB
US-Blo Blodgett Forest 1997-2006 CA ENFT
US-Ivo Ivotuk 2003-2006 AK TUN


MAST-DC is funded by NASA's Terrestrial Ecology Program (NASA Grant NNH10AN68I). This is a contribution of the North American Carbon Program.


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